The Things Rock Bushwick


If you had the good fortune to be in NYC this past weekend (March 3 & 4), you might have also had the rare opportunity to stop by the Unruly Collective artists brownstone in Bushwick to see The Things have a raucous rock n roll house party!

As a Justice Joslin fan I’m sure you already know that Justice plays bass in The Things with guitarist/vocalist Lukas Neufeld and drummer (Justice’s cousin) Jarrod Spurrier.

The two night gig set up to rock in the living room at Unruly in an actually pretty ruly fashion. There were even lights that reflected wildly off the paintings and gave the room a surreal vibe.

The Things rocked hard for an intimate audience for a straight through 90 minute set and then the party continued in the kitchen swapping stories of art & music. Much of it was chronicled in digital video by Justice’s brother Javan Joslin who flew in from Miami! Other fam included Jarrod’s brothers driving in from Maryland.

Synesthete artist Jessica Joyce was drawing the sound she saw while the band played which was cool as hell! Many of her paintings framed the collaborative feel in the room of sound meeting artistic medium. So right away not like The Things usual shows on the bar circuit in LA!

Saturday night the show started at 11pm and rocked steady for a hardcore  guitar blazing 90 minutes. Then the after show jam session was on into the wee hours with Justice playing guitar with Jarrod and Lukas.

You gotta love how down these guys are for real!

Here’s shots by Javan then sauced up into clips by my boyfriend technonerdster Eain (thanks, btw for helping me learn how to do this stuff).

Justice really gets into it!

Full clip below of The Things. Video by Javan Joslin (@javanjoslin &

Random dancing, guitar playing and unruliness!

Justice and his fam can get the moves going! Face it you know you wanna see him dance!

The party was solid but also vibing!


Justice, Jarrod and Lukas getting the gang mellow.