The Justice Manual

NOTE: I didn’t compile this information – it comes from the last person who administrated this site, from her notes but she never posted them. There is some really cool information about Justice for his fans!

Now with Updated info!

Favorite foods – French fries, can’t stop eating them if put in front of him. Sorry to the vegans but Justice likes a big ol’ fat steak though he does enjoy broccoli as well.

Updated info: loves to grill, will cook on an open fire, likes quinoa, meat sandwiches, Doritos (Jalapeño), fresh fish, salad, creates his own recipes, cooks Thai, one of his specialties is asparagus wrapped with Parma ham, loves pizza.

Drinks – beer, red wine.

Updated info: Guinness

Favorite season – Fall in TN, when the leaves change.

Language –  Justice doesn’t speak any languages aside from English and he feels bad about all the comments in Spanish and Italian on his Instagram that he doesn’t  understand.

Favorite music – Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Crosby Stills & Nash.

Updated info: Tom Petty, The Eagles, Hall & Oates, likes jazz.

Thought *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys had the moves when he was growing up but otherwise isn’t into popular music at all.

Likes seventies music, considers himself old school likes reel to reel tape and records.

Credits his grandfather with fostering the musical side in the family

Loves to record “noise” jams that come from an emotional place.

Prefers vinyl and tape to digital.

Thinks current music is crap.

Updated info: finished his first record in the temporary Skipper Room on December 18, 2017. He wrote the songs, played all the instruments and sings (except for where his brother Jeffrey sings harmony and also plays bass.

Favorite word – Says “cool” a lot.

Updated info: calls guys – fella.

Why modeling? – Only got into modeling for the cashola as he needed the money at the time he met his manager, Al David.

Tried commercials first and then ended up modeling – first agency passed on him didn’t know what to do with him.

Justice always wanted to travel and hoped that making money at pro football would be a way to do that but it didn’t work out.

He sometimes misses sports, played football and baseball.

Why is he named Justice? – He’s named Justice because his mother had wanted to be a lawyer.

Religion – He believes in God especially the God in his mind and heart but acknowledges whatever God is for you as well.

If he could meet anyone?  – he’d like to meet Jesus to get his take on things.

What’s he drive?  – A Scion and his vintage Westfalia .

What’s Justice like? – He describes himself as a bit of a loner but likes people and gets along with them pretty well though he’s often quiet, more of a listener than talker.

Admitted that if people weren’t asking so many questions he’d have no idea what to say in his live chat.

Justice said he’s an emotional person interested in what moves people, what has meaning for them, he likes to discuss things on a deep level, he might not say much but don’t be fooled he’s got something to say and it’s from the heart.

Holidays – He’s not a Christmas person, doesn’t like shopping or buying gifts, but likes being with family.

Who does he look like? – Justice said he thinks he looks most like his father but his mother thinks he looks like her.

Fashion – He said he doesn’t wear designers, has no sense of style, thinks Goodwill has cool clothes.

Culture – Knows nothing about pop culture, doesn’t know who popular celebs are, supermodels etc even ones he’s worked with, doesn’t know who is famous.

Books & Films – Prefers reading a book to watching a film but enjoys films too likes to see someone’s vision come to life.

Admits to being a slow and careful reader but loves to read.

Nightlife – Doesn’t go out he said if he made a tshirt it would say – chill in don’t go out.

In his house – Likes it dark in the house, only light he likes is sunlight.

Completely Random

  • Likes to Listen to the trees.
  • Said one of his own songs (as it played) was sexy and said it was babymaking music.
  • Loves art and creativity, respects the process.
  • Doesn’t like to plan, Justice likes to leave things up in the air and of the moment, likes to see how things turn out, likes spontaneity.
  • Justice said he’s had his heart broken very badly.
  • Justice said these questions were too personal: Has he ever kissed a man?
    Does he have a girlfriend?

Updated info: he did, he was dating Natalie Rhyne for several years, but they are no longer together.

  • Justice lives with his cousin Jarrod.

Updated info: Justice now lives alone (he moved into a new house in September 2017) although his brother Javan sometimes stays there.

  • Often doesn’t recall the countries he’s been to couldn’t remember if he’d been to Sardinia (he has).
  • His Tennessee accent came out strong when calling his dog (she’s a rat terrier).
  • His modeling bff is Ollie Edwards who became the face of Nautica.
  • Justice likes the Bay Area, loves Big Sur.
  • He told the story of his hat belonging to his grandfather who passed away and that he inherited several of his hats. He named his studio The Skipper Room after him.
  • He prefers dogs unless a cat is, like you know, a bro.
  • Nose is very sensitive so he’s not really too into cologne.
  • He collects rocks from places he’s been, likes to think that he’s the first human to have touched them.
  • Justice went to a festival in Apple Valley, CA with his brother Javan called Kosmic Gardenz.

Words of wisdom – “Whatever you’re the most loud about, that’s your ego talking. It’s better to just listen.”