Monchu Music

Update: longer clips now available on Instagram @monchu_music — thank you, Justice!


About four and a half months ago, Justice told us about his new music venture with older brother Jef Joslin and cousin Jarrod Spurrier aptly named, The Family 3.

They were going to be a California soul driven funk exploration who would offer a single and then follow up with an EP recorded on the vintage set-up in Justice’s home studio.

After weeks of ten second snapchatted teasings, Justice announced they had a single. He didn’t know when it would be out but it would soon.


Three months later – there was no single, Justice had worked and traveled most of May and June, The Family 3 which had briefly added Javan Joslin to become The Family 4 then became the family no more and Justice’s home studio now renamed as The Skipper Room in honor of his grandfather, Skip Melhuish; was an active jam center for visiting musicians like Jason Carriotte, Lukas Neufeld, Selly Mac and Jordan Casty.

But still no music. No band with brothers and cousin. Shows being played at Grandpa Johnson’s every Friday night, Jef Joslin soloing around town and catching up with The Walkers on Nashville Nights at Residual’s on Wednesdays.

Justice had even teased about his own music, singing his own songs but no more than a few seconds at a time.

He boasted about recording the jam sessions, about the level of the creative musical improv which would be super cool and groovy, if uh, ya know, we could actually hear it?

We know that Jef Joslin is a killer songwriter and a terrific musician because we have three of his records! He has a bunch of videos on You Tube. He’s out there, man!

But except for seeing Justice play with his brother at shows and in a few videos; the jury is out on the musicianship of our heart throb.

Come on, Justice, throw your Justice League (Benedict Cumberbatch has his cumberbitches and Justice has his league) a bone! Post on Soundcloud, post anywhere – we’ve got yer back and we’re ready to listen!

Meanwhile an Instagram account was created called Monchu Music – monchu is an Okinawan word that means one family. Since it seems associated with Justice could this be the next musical incarnation of Joslins, cousins and friends?