Join the Love!

Justice Joslin for Massimo Dutti, EQ Collection SS 2015

Hi there, I’m Candy and I’m the admin here at the soon to be live and active – first I’ll tell you what we are NOT:

  • official – Justice Joslin has nothing to do with this site so don’t ask how to reach him, where he is, where he lives or anything else like that.
  • owners of anything we post here! Photos, videos and articles remain copyrighted to their respective owners and will be credited when known.
  • interested in Justice’s personal life unless it’s something he shares publicly on Instagram and Twitter (he doesn’t have Facebook) or otherwise through articles and interviews. Please don’t ask us about such things!

What this fan site is will be a repository for every medium and high quality image we can locate on the Internet of Justice Joslin; as well a place to view his videos from commercials and behind the scenes and keep up to date on his travels, work, interests that he shares publicly, interviews, articles and links to campaigns he’s done in the past or is currently doing.

Stay tuned and as Justice says on his Instagram:  “Join the love!”