Fans of Justice Joslin:

After 15 months I’m no longer going to be updating this site, so what you see here as of May 20, 2018 is it.

Occasionally over the past year Justice would ask things of me, to remove a photo or post, to delete a negative comment someone left etc.

I always was respectful and courteous to him as well as cheerful and in good humor.

On May 15, 2018 at about 1:30 am Justice DMed me and asked me to remove his ex- girlfriend Natalie Rhyne from this site.

He asked me to remove all references to her and photos because she works as a mental health professional.

I accommodated Justice immediately deleting what he asked and followed up explaining that there were things not under my control such as google or if anyone had reposted the photos and tagged them.

Justice didn’t thank me or acknowledge anything I’d said or done.

Justice often ignored isolated DMs I made but never quite so pointedly and not if I was completing a task he requested.

Justice has never been “friendly” to me often telling me how much he hates social media and threatening to have my Instagram account deleted on several occasions (just to remind me of this in case I fell out of line).

He told me not to be mean to anyone (irony, thanks) and not to speak in his name. I did neither but this was a warning.

My only issue with Justice was that he was rude to me from day one. He didn’t want to engage with me and every time he did he was curt, cold and never said anything nice even when I did what he asked.

He clearly thought I was less than he was, that my efforts on his behalf didn’t matter to him and that he could treat me like a doormat.

Well, thanks, really but no.

Your experience with Justice Joslin may be very different from mine. When I met him years ago in Montreal at Simons I never would have thought this was the kind of person he’d become.

I’m very disappointed that Justice treated me so poorly and I’ve learned a valuable lesson:

Handsome is as handsome does.